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Bellissimo Fantasy is the product of the vision of a fashion passionate entrepreneur Tonia pushing the status quo to create an alternate platform that cuts through the clutter of dumpster fashion culture. The exclusive, fast delivery PRE-ORDER patent of the Bellissimo Fantasy marketplace allows customization and promotes authenticity. 

 Bellissimo fantasy bucks the trend by not allowing fashion choose individuals, but the other way round through empowering everyone to not let themselves be boxed into any boardroom, mass production categories. Bellissimo Fantasy encourages the faithful to choose their fashion and lifestyle products on their own terms. Unapologetically. Uninhibited.  

Tonia wants to make sure Bellissimo Fantasy is not a dumpster marketplace. Every single merchandise is especially curated by Tonia and must pass a rigorous test to qualify. In fact, the unique and popular SECRET CLOSET shop on Bellissimo Fantasy displays, promotes and markets only ONE exceptional item at a time!  

Working directly with proven expert partners locally and in relevant parts of the world to source or create merchandise ensures that Bellissimo Fantasy shoppers are guaranteed the best prices compared to similar quality products anywhere else in the United States.  Shipment is worldwide. 

Bellissimo Fantasy is a movement. A brand-new culture. We invite you to Erase Your Inhibitions and fly with us. Never compromise. Let nothing hold you down. Remain true to who you are.  


To empower all individuals irrespective of size, race, orientation and social standing to erase their self or society inflicted inhibitions. 


My sisters and I were doubtful of the quality of the hair extensions on this sight. First of all it’s a website that is new. Second point they are selling these extensions very cheap. So we gamble and when we receive our extensions we still cannot believe how good they are. It is the best we have ever had. Gosh! Very Gorgeous. Especially Indian straight that I buy. Full and shimmering and everyone say I look like goddess. You have ten stars from me BELLISSIMO, I wish you great great success

Ronke J, NYC

Im not into lashes because of past bs with purchases I made, but I gave it a second try when I saw and bought temptations lashes on this website. I LOVE IT!!! It was so easy to attach and feather soft and natural I hardly remembered I was wearing an extension and I got a bunch of sweet compliments at my sister's wedding reception and I think I gave you guys a few dozen referrals! Lmfao 😉 I have since bought the fantasy brand too! Delivery was superfast I have zero complaints.

Tamika K, San Antonio

OMG the Indian body wave hair extensions were off the hook, got it 2 days late but it was worth the wait. Have worn it for 3 weeks and it still looks and feels like the first day, never owned a better hair extension. No tangles, bounces AF and yum lustrous look and feel. Will give an update if it changes. Luv it luv it luv it

Glad Owen, PA

Been awhile I bought a jean that fit this good and look this good online, thought I should let your customers know. Keep up with stocking great items. Folks are always gonn recognize quality and promote your business. I Loved the quality of the shades too, great bargain prices. When you gonn increase your variety??

Mathew, Houston
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