ROSE 2.0



This is a suction based pleaser with a vibrating “tongue” that has made it the most notorious plaything in most women’s bedside drawers around the world. The Bellissimo Fantasy Rose 2.0 also comes with an attached vibrating dildo that has turned the toy into a monster multiplex orgasm generator. The Rose could be deployed on multiple erogenous zones of the female anatomy with incredibly near insantenous amazing results. The Rose vibrating sex toy has had more mentions, videos and likes on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram than any car model by Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Chevy and Ford combined.

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It’s positive notoriety has meant so many dubious imitations with even more dubious claims to quality and product material. Safety regulations come to mind here and that is why a discerning pleasure seeker should be wary of buying toys with unknown toxic content.

The Bellissimo Fantasy Rose 2.0 comes from a rigorously vetted source with body and health considerations paramount to ensure that attaining healthy orgasms should remain the primary focus of users.

Other Fun Facts:

* Completely waterproof making it an incredible bathroom companion.

10 gear settings to make for either lightening speed orgasms or long drawn out pleasure before the cliff
The Bellissimo Fantasy Rose 2.0 is so discretely quiet privacy and focus on pleasure are guaranteed
It’s easily washable and very portable
Perfect gift for a partner

For an exhaustive user review of the Rose, Bellissimo Fantasy recommends you read the Cosmopolitan article via the link below by Mollie-Anne Brooks.

Additional information

Dimensions 2.40 × 4.30 × 6.70 cm


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